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Born in 1968, Qing is a self-taught artist. Qing spent her childhood in Tianjin China. Since she was young, she has enjoyed using brushes to write Chinese calligraphy. Although she graduated from a college and obtained a degree in Accounting, Qing loved creating different art works back in China. One of the works she created in Tianjin was a tapestry which won an award at the 1993 Tianjin Tapestry Contest.

Qing came to the United States in 1994 and studied how to paint at home as she took care of her family. In 2000 Qing made a decision to become a full-time painter. Qing uses oil and acrylic to create her art. Qing also creatively incorporates strings and paper into some of her paintings to create a totally unique style of painting.


Interestingly, the first art book Qing read was Vincent’s Letter to His Brother Theo. Qing has been deeply touched by Vincent’s deep love of nature and art. She has asked our Heavenly Father to give her the spirit of wisdom to conceive beauty, to understand life, and to express this life. In her art world the best rule is no rule. Music and flowers teach her notes of colors, setting them in motion. Nature teaches her beauty of balance and harmony. Wassily Kandinsky, Arthur Wesley Dow, and Shitao’s works have given her the knowledge of abstract art. Meditation helps her see the meaning of color and form in life. “Color is a power which directly influences the soul……” Kandinsky said. Qing would like to express her soul by interpreting the music and beauty of nature onto canvas.


1. New York Artexpo April 23 - 26 2015.


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