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Qing Dong

Artist's Statement:

Art is like the plant. The plant grows from its seed. When I found the seed within my heart, I had a strong urge to learn how to draw and paint. In Art, it is the only way to grow in strength, in solitude and joy.

I spent my childhood on a university campus, Tianjin China. I was always playing paper and chinese brush to write Chinese calligraphy .  Although I graduated from a College and obtained a degree in Accounting, I loved creating different art works back in China. In 1993 , I got third place at the tapestry contest in Tianjin.The first art book I read was Vincent’s Letter to His Brother Theo. His painting holds tremendous power that make me cry. He had a deep love of nature. He sacrificed all his personal desires and realized great things. " Love art is not exact, one must call it faith ---a faith that maketh martyrs.''

In 2000, I made a decision to become a painter. I asked our Heavenly Father to give me the spirit of wisdom to conceive beauty, to understand life, and to express this life. In my art world the best rule is no rule. Music and flowers teach me notes of colors, setting them in motion. Nature teaches me beauty of balance and harmony. Wassily Kandinsky, Arthur Wesley Daw, and Shitao’s books have given me the knowledge of the concept of abstract art. Meditation helps me see the meaning of color and form in life. Kandinsky said, “Color is a power which directly influences the soul......”  I want to express my soul as musical sounds interpreted on canvas.

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